22 December 2006

Captain's Log #426

Above is Elijah and Granpa at Thanksgiving. I think they favor one another.
Christmas vacation has officially begun, and I am thrilled to be only mom for 2 weeks. One of many funny Ollie quotes this week included the following:
Ollie: I'm going to school tomorrow.
Me: Sorry, buddy, but we are on vacation.
Ollie: Vacation? Where's Florida?

In other news, the thrush persists and Elijah isn't sleeping. Last night he was up every 2 hours, and the night before he was up every hour. One of the first things we teach our children is how to sleep. It may be the hardest lesson for the parents. I know thousands of theories and a myriad of approaches, but all of them take time and consistency. The mantra, this too shall pass runs through my head every night, and I reflect on how distant of a memory Ollie's lack of sleep is, but still at 3:30 in the morning, I feel a little wack-0. Consider that as a you fall asleep tonight how comforting it is, that you will be able to snooze at will. A good nights sleep to all, and to all a good night.


lulu said...

yes, sleep is precious. just remember to "HOLD ON." it really will pass. this time will be a dim memory before you know it. micro-naps are good. all your long-suffering is a shrewd, selfless investment in the shaping of a beautiful family, not to mention your self-respect. HOLD ON...

cute pic of granpa & eli!

Mom said...

I wish you sleep and rest and love tonight.