29 July 2010

Watch waterfalls of pity roar...

We finally took a hike that was not ALL sunshine and waterfalls and rainbows. This one was hard. We hiked about 6 miles round trip with the hopes that the falls would be glorious. They were not.

Eli is literally the toughest 4 year old I know.
He hiked pretty much the entire time with high spirits. Pretty much the entire time. But not all of it. We did have a freak out session in a particularly rocky spot that we dubbed "boulder alley" wherein he sat down, had a cry, and proclaimed that he could not, would not, hike any further. We carried him. Cheered him up, slowed down, and will probably pack chocolate next time. We are learning how to hike with a four year old, going a little further each time, so I guess this was inevitable.
Pictured above, a "fall". Another lesson learned about a rainless July..

"Skull mountain"
Nice pants..
O's new quaff compliments of his proud pops who exclaimed, "I should have been a barber."
The top of the falls..
See them a bit more spectacularly here..

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