21 July 2010

Though you might call it ‘Paradise'....

We went hiking again, but this time we camped, too! This friendly guy we met on the way back to our primitive sight. Elijah said with confidence that he was a non-venomous, black rat snake. I am frequently impressed with their outdoor knowledge.
Our campsite was about 1/2 mile hike back.
Lessons learned included but not limited to:
how to build a campfire, how to tell stories, what life sounds like in the woods, and much, much more.
One of our first views this morning before 7am..
A hike down a mountain after a breakfast...
Looking closely you can see a swinging bridge over a stream down a rocky path..
Which led to this haven..
There is no way to capture the cool mist blowing in from the fall, or the sound of the rushing water, or the mesmerizing effect of the water reflecting on the stone, or the relaxation of floating on your back looking up at the waterfall, or the enchantment of having a place like this to your self. Words like magic, paradise, and tranquil do not begin to touch these moments that we share with our children..

As the day progressed, we hiked by several other waterfalls as we meandered through the forest near the streams and rivers. Our kids are great hikers and are becoming quite adept at swimming as well.
I love Tennessee hiking so very much.
We explored this state park, but it is so large we did not have enough time to see all of it. We will surely return afer giving our legs a few days of rest.

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Bona Fide Mama said...

the waterfalls are glorious.