01 June 2010

There’s frogs inside my socks.....

My dad recently moved to Alabama, his place of birth, and it is hands down, one of the best places for Grandpa to live. I took many good pictures of flora and fauna, and am going to break them up over the next few days. We stayed outside the entire time we were there exploring and pretending to be farm hands.
On a quick trip to the gas station to check our email (dad's doesn't have service) we picked up a hitchhiker of sorts.
He probably lived here.
In this bog full of lily pads and teeming with life...
especially dragon flies and birds.
We saw a whooping crane elegantly pass overhead, but I didn't capture him.
At night, the chorus of frogs and toads permeated the air. The sound was deafeningly loud. I have never heard so many frogs in one place. You can't see them here, but you can hear them. We sat under the stars in open mouth amazement at their rhythm.

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