17 June 2010

She was thinkin’ ’bout her father, who she very rarely saw....

I did sew more.
This week was VBS which I did not help out with at all!
I have felt a smidgen of guilt a couple of times, but in truth and defense, I did have to work a bit during that time, and as my mom reminded me, I can work VBS another year when I am not already with me kids 24/ 7. So as a self indulgent treat, I made gifts.
I made a few capes for two little boys celebrating birthdays this week, and arm-chair caddy's for our daddies.
Cheesy, maybe, but I have such a hard time figuring out crafty things to make for dads. Girls are easy..I whip up some jewelry or something knit, but what do you make for guys?
Generally, I am really bad at following patterns and directions because I have never taken a class and feel lost when technical terms pop-up, but I did okay with these two endeavors. The cape, I just made up and the caddies, I had written instructions for. The material is all leftovers from previous projects. What are you making for father's day?

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