25 April 2010

Don’t ya tell Henry....

Yes, they are IN that tree. It was completely hollow!

Let the hiking season begin!
We love the parks and hiking around middle Tennessee, and during the summer we are in the habit of having weekend adventures. This year Eli, now 3, can actually hike quite a bit. Today we all did about 3 miles, which is fantastic for little ones on the first hike out, I think. Last year, Eli spent many a hike in the Maya wrap.
These were pics from Henry Horton State Park, which, I might add is a lovely Sunday drive from the 'Boro. I give the park itself 2 1/2 gold stars comparatively speaking, but 5 stars as starter for more exciting adventures to come.


mandy said...

Can't wait to have some hiking adventures of my own. It's soooo hard since my hiking loving husband only wants to hike alone and without us. One day I'll have three walkers and we'll be able to join you maybe!

Ann said...

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