14 February 2010

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a rolling hoop

So, now, all of a sudden we live with a six year old.
We are blessed with great friends.
We had a party on Thursday, and were surrounded with love and fun.
Ollie's best bud, made a shirt for him, pictured above.
He also received a hand-made hula hoop, art kits, a handmade robot necklace, airplane kits, science books, and he was just generally showered with wonderful, personal, handmade thoughtfulness.
Thank you, friends.
Vegan-from scratch cupcakes were a hit!

His new books and favorite crown of royal colors
We spent Wednesday at the Symphony, bowling, and taking the boy to dinner..Thursday partying with friends, and Friday- Sunday letting the Rayburns love on him in Indiana.
So serious and mature....

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mandy said...

so glad we were able to FINALLY celebrate his birthday with him! We LOVE YOU, O!