26 February 2010

And a pair of old Greek shoes.

We approached the week with green hair.

And moved on with our study of ancient Greece. This statue of Athena is the largest indoor statue in North America, and it is, well, big. It is hideous, in my opinion, but something to see, none the less. The Parthenon itself IS impressive, and we experienced the architecture and myths to the fullest.

We have a fantastic and diverse group of homeschoolers in our co-op, and we are lucky to have hooked up with them. I dare not show you pictures of their faces, but they are beautiful, smart, and inquisitive.
Huge doors- movable by design be even to the littlest Rayburn.

Handsome boys
They also have a replica of this machine, but asked that I not photo it..
Happy sunshine and swinging afterward.

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