06 December 2009

For it bein' on Christmas mornin'

Who is that masked man?? Ollie came bursting out of his room this week during a co-op sporting this get-up. He insisted on wearing out and about later in the day!
Merry Christmas!
We are in full swing around here, and we finally hunted and chopped the best tree in the woods.

The Discovery Center has a fantastic new environmental exhibit about which I am over the moon.
Here Ollie is figuring out how the piping works in a house.
He was also able to put up the insulation and the siding.
And, Pumps is shown above pondering the route of rainwater into a rain barrel.
At a different co-op this week we explored Hanukkah, it's symbols, and history.

Below, they are spinning the dradle.

And, it snowed here this week! I did not get a great snap shot as my camera is on the fritz (boo-hissss).

We ARE in the Christmas spirit, and as of late, I have been pondering what that means to me. I have wrestled with poor Santa, and have decide on a guilt free, pretend, imagination approach. If Ollie figures it out, I will not lie to his face, but I will continue to pretend, as we pretend about many things: Star Wars, magic, hour long episodes of "store." I am pretty sure he suspects..On last years note from Santa, he told the boys that he brought them presents only as a symbol and reminder of God's great gift to us and God's love.
I know also that this is not the exact date of Jesus' birth, but have decided that it is okay with me to celebrate that great gift anyway. More than anything, more than historical accurateness or full blown commercialism, we celebrate tradition and family. We snuggle in away from the cold and reflect on our blessings. We think of ways to make other people happy. We laugh about our own family history, and get misty eyed about Christmases past. Each ornament we pull out of the box, standing under the mistle toe with a three year old, preparing to travel to Grandparents homes, and spending time on making our home feel warm and cozy: these are what it is about for me. I can take or leave Santa and store bought gifts, I could even take or leave the church going part, but the family and tradition, I could not do without, and all of these parts go hand in hand, and I am happy to embrace it all.

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