16 December 2009

Come gather 'round friends

Please, allow me to start with what we haven't done.
We missed the live nativity at our church.
We skipped the Murfreesboro Christmas parade.
I have forgotten to do each day the advent calendar.
And, gasp, we haven't take the kids to speak to Santa.
The kicker is I don't even have a "job".
We don't watch TV or sleep much, so what pray tell, can catch us 9 days from Christmas without these tasks completed?

Argggg, we have been making gifts.
We have been visiting friends and relatives.
We did at least learn how the rich folk celebrated Christmas past..
We made ornaments..
We've hunkered in the shred of sunlight that we've been able to capture.
We even played outside with windows open one day last week.
We talked Bubba into a piano for Christmas..
We used our imagination..
And made sock puppets for our friends..

We've admired our ornaments and lights..
We've used the boys art work and old atlases to wrap presents.
We mailed Christmas cards that have been reused.
(I love the art of letter writing, and am lucky to have a store of stationary and cards from my grandmother that she collected from garage sales..)
We still have to drag Evan to see the lights around town; hope we don't miss them.., celebrate with friends, go to church with family, and exchange gifts with loved ones, so I'm not, as Eli would say, bah-hum-bug...

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Shug said...

Oh the times they're a changin'.....BACK! Good job Eli, Ollie, and Mom!