23 April 2009

She's tossin' a baseball bat in the air

As the sea of spring sweeps over us, we are engulfed by the endless tide of activities and fun.
(Was that too cheesy?? Probably)
Any way, we went to a Sounds game already, and had big fun. On the way there, I glanced in the back seat and noticed that Eli was systematically licking the bottom of his tennis shoe. I know he had licked almost the entire thing because it was all wet. Gross. "Eli don't lick your shoes."
Eli (Incredulously): "Why??"

We stayed until the very end to watch the first round of fireworks for the summer, which Ollie loved. Eli, on the other hand proclaimed that, "fireworks are not his thing." He said that he prefers bubbles as far as things that pop go.

As I seriously wrap my brain around the possibility of homeschool next year, Ollie came out of school with a large poster last week that all the children had. From a distance in the carpool lane, I thought it was a poster that had all the Presidents, and I thought, how cool! But, alas, no, it was poster that had all of the Titans and photos on it. Modern Education....


Shug said...

Just like the 3 year old who could name and identify all of the U.S. Presidents, Ollie could be the first to do the same for the Titans. Hey! Football is important too.

In defense of a modern education (and its educators), as my great-grandmother would say, "My name is Jimmie; I take what you gimme!" Take advantage of every opportunity; you never know where it will lead.


Bona Fide Mama said...

i just keep thinking that you will soon join the ranks of us homeschoolers! praying that you make the best choice for you family!