24 March 2008

Wouldn't know the difference between a real blonde and a fake

This Easter we were visiting inlaws in the Crossroads of America. As I was busy spiffing up the boys, I took out a little Velcro tie number for Eli. Ollie is very concerned about looking fancy. He is one to wear slick dress-up shoes and button-down shirts every day of the year. He must tuck in his shirts. Evan and I are "slightly" more casual than that and have each had periods of our lives in which we didn't ever brush our hair let alone tuck. In fact, when they made tucking a rule at the school in which I taught last year, our motto was, F#ck the tuck. But, as far as rebellions go, it could be worse than an aspiring Alex P. Keaton. So anyway, I didn't have a tie for Ollie and he stood there gawking at me distraughtly as I prepared to fasten a tie onto my 1 1/2 year old. So, I relented and at least tried it on him to prove that I could be reasonable. It came to his nipples and certainly would never do for church. So, Superhero Uncle Ethan swooped in and fashioned him a tie from one of his. He tucked the fat part of the tie into his button down and wrapped it around several times. Ollie was SOOO proud. He puffed up and wanted to wear the thing all day. He would have worn it home to the 'boro if he could have. The usually shy kid walked around a new church waving and saying Hi to everyone that passed us. Elijah on the other hand, Ollie's polar opposite, jerked the Velcro number that I had brought for him to wear, stuck out his lips and tore the tie off as quickly as I had put it on. Ah, well, you cant' please everyone. And for goodness sakes, we will be tie shopping, soon I guess.

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