01 March 2008


Beautiful, perfect day!

Come one, come all martins!
The eclipse from the other night.

Free -Recycled-Composting! What great words to put together! The sunshine today was truly a blessing, and we took full advantage of it. We started the day with a walk to the park, played some b-ball, and went down the slide a couple of times. (Eli said, "one-two, freee" before going down to my huge surprise!) We then came home and finally erected a compost bin! I have been bugging E about this for a while, and was even sneaking rouge pile behind the shed. We called a local store and asked them to sell us some pallets, they said, "no, but you can have them for free." Sooo, I picked them up, and now we have reduced our household waste by approximately 20% and will have some good fertilizer for our herbs and flowers come summer. Yay!


Danielle said...

How did you get that beautiful, perfect smile out of Ollie for that top photo? Did he know you were taking his picture? PS. Thanks for the card and pictures, even though I didn't know my picture was being taken, and my face shows it. :)

Tough Mama said...

Thanks Danielle! Ollie DID know, it was just a perfect day all around, and he is showing it. Rare!