28 August 2007

Rubber duckies mold and other random observations

I had no idea that rubber duckies, though loveable and iconic, are also disposable at our house. We love them, but as soon as I can see black through the yellow, in the trash they go.
I love silly putty and play with it as if an addict. I won't let the kids touch it. They aren't responsible enough for it, plus it might be chalked full of chemicals and weird stuff. But, me, oh, my, sweet, sweet, putty.
ELI IS WALKING!! There, I have been meaning to post that for 2 weeks or so, and haven't had time.
Everybody is back at school. Ollie LOVES his, and I am happy with his teacher and program. Though, not Montessori, as I would have liked, the program does help prepare him for Kindergarten. Eli is eating, sleeping, and not crying in his class, and I suppose that means he likes it just fine. Neither of the boys have ever done "day care" and this is a huge step for us. I am mostly uncomfortable with the idea, but tend to rationalize and look on the bright side as all work-out-of-the-home moms must do. Evan seems to be digging his classes. He's almost done!!
The entire clan of in-laws is coming for labor day, so I am sure to have stories to tell after Monday, so stay tuned!
I know I owe all my adoring fans a few pictures, and will get to that soon.

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