16 June 2011

Amanda's Farm

Our hiking was put on hold this week for much needed rain.
Today was nice, so I baked an apple pie for my good friend, and we went out to check out their awesome homestead.
You can check out their work here, but I couldn't resist snapping a few shots. Shown above, chickens.
Passion Flower abounds on the property.
Avery's favorite spot, a dry creek bed..
We splashed around in the creek, and found many treasures.

Turkey prints and below, Amanda's lovely clover.

The crazy kids. All around in this picture you can see evidence of home building.
The farm is abundant with Queen Anne's Lace, thistle, and wild garlic.
It is a haven of beauty, diligence, and blessings.
Thanks for sharing it with us Amanda.


Jackie said...

The pictures are wonderful. I especially love the turkey prints. We have about 8 acres and are in the middle of a severe drought, so I can certainly identify with the much needed rain! We have geese, ducks,chickens, guineas, goats... Looking to add cows, pigs, and maybe a horse for my daughter. Our garden is pretty much gone due to no rain and hungry deer! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

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Tough mama said...

Thanks, Jackie. Hope you guys got the rain you needed this week.