12 May 2009

I'm going off into the woods, I'm huntin' bare

Mother's Day hiking at a State Park. What a lovely way to start off the season. Eli can truck this year, and doesn't have to be carried the entire time. Appalachain trail here we come (kidding, for now.)
I have been slow of posting as of late because my brain is full of Grad school ideas, book writing, lesson planning, business promoting, gardening, crafting, and cooking. Maybe next winter you'll get more deep thoughts on mothering, but for now, pictures will have to speak.


Shug said...

I LOVE the photos. Keep them coming.

Papa said...

What a wonderful picture of my favorite grandsons and thier beautiful mother. Hope her mother's day was as great as her smile indicates. Papa

Bona Fide Mama said...

So many wonderful thoughts swimming in your head! I am sure I'll have thoughts in my head again one day. Until then, I'll have to settle for distracting myself with old episodes of "Seinfeld".