15 February 2009

Valentines can't buy her

Say what you will about the love holiday..
But, I love it!
Especially homemade love..
Seen above is Ollie's card- box to take to school. He made everything himself with all recycled or reused materials (the LifeSavers were given to him, and he decided they fare better as decoration than as a treat. I agree.)
There are 20 kids in his class, so I did write the kids' names on them, but he did the rest.
The stickers were hand-me downs from my grandmother's collection, and the candy was pushed on us by another loving grandmother....
And, of course Eli is creative. Seen here in his undies and with plastic hearts over his "boo-boos."

See, love is grand.

I liked our cards the best as they were the only homemade ones, and Ollie did, too.

And, by the way, it was raining Saturday morning, and I saw a young guy riding his bike in the rain with roses sticking out of his jacket pocket. Que romantico! I loved it.

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E2 said...

We also made homemade Valentine's but unfortunatley did not have any chocolate to regift so I did have to purchase that. HK thoroughly enjoyed it and was very particular about where to place stickers, etc. It seemed much more meaningful than buying cars and me doing all the work!