21 August 2008

Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now..

Two kids in "recovery" from several teaching jobs yesterday, led us to trying to entertain ourselves around the house with NO ERRANDS run today.
A day in the life of Ollie Rayburn:
1) Eat breakfast outside on the patio
2) Build a obstacle course from the family room to the bedroom.(Partially pictured above) Run it several times without stepping on the carpet. The crocs will get you.
3) Put on croc wrestling gear. Wrestle crocs.
4) Ask 10, 000 questions about crocs. Read books about crocs. Look for crocodile hunter videos online that do not include raps or a crying or dying crocodile hunter.
5) Give up on crocs. Run the obstacle course again.
6) Use 3-hole puncher to punch lots and lots of holes. Do this for an hour or more contentedly.
7) Trace your body on big paper, including a shadow silhouette of your head.
8)Decorate your body with "sparkles" or the holes from the hole puncher.
9) Call it "floppy Ollie."
10) Do an "experiment" with toilet paper, construction paper, printer paper, paper towels to see which one dissolves first.
11) Since your in the kitchen anyway, bake some peanut butter cookies (dad's favorites) from scratch.
12) Also, make some homemade salsa using organic tomatoes from your garden and hot atomic peppers that the neighbor gave you. Pronounced mah-pow in Laotian.
13) Hide the cookies for an after dinner surprise for dad.
14 Go to an indoor super fun slide pool thing for a while.
15) Do mad-libs in the Kids National geographic with mom in the back yard wearing giant green boots and a jean jacket even though it is 94 degrees.
16) Eat several tacos for supper.
17) Put on footie pjs, again even though its 94 degrees.
18) Play air guitar with dad and Eli to Wilco before bed.
19) Look forward to the splash pad first thing in the morning with friends.
20) Don't think twice about how awesome today was with your mom...
PS. I am really going to miss him come Monday when he heads off to school for the first time. I told him so today, and he said, I have to go so that I can learn to be a grown up. Boooo-hooo.


Shug said...

I almost started crying myself. I wish that I could have been there too.

Danielle said...

I LOVE this post! What a fun day!