21 April 2007

Happy Day of the Earth

One small step for Ollie....
Today was filled with excitement. We packed in 2 different Earth Day Festivals, dinner with Granpa, a job fair, and a trip to the ER. We had a huge scare with eyes and sunscreen. Ollie was brave and tried to stick it out, but the poor guy's eyes were burning! He is fine now, but E and I were so very worried. Ollie even said once, "I can't see," and we panicked. Again, he is fine, but at the time, I thought for sure I had ruined my child.

The day was, aside from the burning eyes, very pleasant. What a great holiday to celebrate really. One of our best, I think. Folks getting together, swapping notes on keeping the earth and its inhabitants safe. No gifts, fattening food, or in-laws, just positive notions on ways to save the world. Love it.

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